5 Reasons You Will Regret Moving To Texas (2024)

This article discusses 5 reasons you will regret moving to Texas. To start with, moving to Texas is an exciting adventure for many, but there are several potential drawbacks that could leave you regretting your decision. Among the main reasons for regretting moving to Texas is the high cost of living.

Texas can be an expensive place to live, particularly in comparison with many other states in the U.S. Property taxes are among some of the highest in the nation, and basic needs like food, housing, and transportation are all more expensive than average. Below are the reasons in details!

Reasons You Will Regret Moving To Texas

1. HighTaxes

Taxes are a major factor in this increased cost of living, as residents pay some of the highest rates in the nation. Property taxes are especially high in Texas; they rank fifth among states and have grown faster than both inflation and personal income over the past two decades.

This means that Texans must pay more out of pocket for their homes when compared to other parts of the country. Additionally, sales tax is higher than average due to a lack of an income tax system; local governments are entrusted with setting their own sales tax rate which can range from 8-8.25% statewide – higher than most other states without an income tax system.

2. High cost of housing

There are several factors that contribute to why housing in Texas is so costly. One of the main reasons is competition; as more people move into cities across the state, there is increased competition for limited housing options which drives prices up.

Additionally, taxes on real estate properties are high; not only do you have to pay property tax but also extra fees such as transfer taxes and recording fees which add up quickly when buying or selling homes.

3. High Grocery Prices

Groceries in Texas tend to be much more expensive than other states due to limited competition and higher taxes on food items. Additionally, food prices have increased over the past few year due to rising demand from urban areas like Austin and Houston.

As a result, it can be challenging for families on tight budgets to find affordable groceries in Texas. Moreover, fast food prices also tend to be quite high in the Lone Star State compared to other regions of the US, with some restaurants charging up to three times as much as their competitors elsewhere.

4. High Gas Prices

Texas produces a lot of its own oil domestically, but it also has to purchase additional oil from elsewhere in order to meet demand. This means that production costs are higher than in other states which don’t rely as heavily on imported oil.

Additionally, taxes placed on fuel by the state government contribute to higher fuel costs for consumers. Finally, many areas of Texas simply lack competition when it comes to filling stations – meaning drivers often times have no choice but to pay whatever price is listed at their local pump.

5. High Healthcare Cost

Texas has some of the highest healthcare costs in the nation, leaving many residents unable to afford their medical care. This means that many people are choosing not to seek medical treatment and as a result, their health suffers.

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Famous Things Texas is known for

a) Alamo

Photo credit: Medium

The Alamo is a historic landmark located in San Antonio, and it was originally constructed as a Roman Catholic mission over 300 years ago. It became famous during an 1836 battle between Mexican troops and Texan rebels who were fighting for independence from Mexico.

Although the Texans were ultimately defeated, their bravery at The Alamo lives on today. Every year thousands of visitors come to pay tribute to this important event in Texan history by visiting The Alamo’s museum or taking a tour of its grounds.

b) San Jacinto Monument

Photo credit: Flickr

San Jacinto Monument is a towering column located near Houston that commemorated Texas’ independence from Mexico. Standing 570 feet tall, it’s not only one of the largest monument columns in America but also one of the most recognizable symbols of Texas’ identity.

The San Jacinto Monument was erected in 1939 to honor the Battle of San Jacinto which took place on April 21st, 1836. It was here that General Sam Houston led his army to victory over Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and ultimately won independence for Texas after nine years as part of Mexico.

The monument stands proudly along with a museum dedicated to preserving this important battle and educating visitors about its significance in history.

c) The Chihuahuan Desert

Photo credit: NRDC

The Chihuahuan Desert is located in the western part of the Lone Star State, is one of its most unique features. Spanning over 175,000 square miles across two countries (Mexico and the United States), this desert contains varied and beautiful landscapes such as canyons, mountains, arroyos and sand dunes.

Its biodiversity includes thousands of species of plants and animals including roadrunners, coyotes, jackrabbits and deer. The desert is also home to a variety of unique habitats such as grasslands, woodlands and riparian zones that support a wealth of life throughout the region.

d) Chisos Mountain

Photo credit: Baldpacker

Chisos Mountains were formed about 30 million years ago when molten rock cooled and solidified beneath the surface of Big Bend National Park. The mountain range stands at an elevation of 7,825 feet above sea level at its highest point, which is located on Emory Peak.

These peaks provide incredible views across West Texas; visitors can take in sweeping vistas of colorful desert valleys as far as Mexico or look towards the endless horizon stretching across hundreds of miles.

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e) Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore. Located on the Gulf Coast, this national seashore stretches more than 70 miles along the northern shore of South Padre Island. Visitors to this area can enjoy a wide range of activities from sunbathing on the beach to fishing off the shore and bird watching along one of the many nature trails.

Visitors to Padre Island National Seashore will find something for everyone with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling around some of South Padre’s coral reefs. The seashore also boasts some incredible wildlife encounters including dolphins, sea turtles and migratory birds making it a great destination for all ages.


In conclusion, moving to Texas is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The state is full of opportunities, but there are also some drawbacks. High taxes and the lack of public transportation can make living in Texas quite challenging.

Additionally, the cost of living in Texas tends to be on the higher side, which may cause potential residents to break the bank when they move.

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