7 Best Private Campgrounds in Northern California

Whether you seek a coastal retreat, a serene forest escape, or a combination of both, private campgrounds in Northern California provide the perfect base for your outdoor adventures. In this article, we will explore some of the top private campgrounds in the region, highlighting their unique features, amenities, and the activities they offer. Keep reading!

Best Private Campgrounds in Northern California

Here are seven private campgrounds in Northern California that you may consider:

1. Pomo RV Park & Campground (Fort Bragg)

Fort Bragg is the location where Pomo RV Park & Campground is situated. It’s a city located on the Mendocino Coast in Northern California. This campground offers spacious RV sites, tent camping, and cabins. It has amenities like Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, a heated pool, and easy access to nearby beaches and attractions.

People often enjoy Pomo RV Park & Campground for its appealing features and the variety of activities it offers. The campground’s proximity to the stunning Mendocino Coast makes it a popular choice among visitors.

One of the main attractions is the easy access to nearby beaches, where individuals can indulge in activities like beachcombing, sunbathing, picnicking, and enjoying breathtaking sunsets. Additionally, Fort Bragg itself offers attractions such as the Skunk Train, which provides scenic rides through the redwoods, and the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, showcasing beautiful flora.

Pomo RV Park & Campground provides a comfortable and convenient base for exploring these attractions, and its amenities like spacious sites, cabins, a heated pool, and Wi-Fi add to the overall appeal, making it a favorite choice for those seeking a coastal camping experience in Northern California.

2. Casini Ranch Family Campground (Duncans Mills)

This campground is located in Duncans Mills, a small community in Sonoma County, California. Casini Ranch provides a range of camping options, including RV sites, tent sites, and rental cabins. It attracts people for its delightful features and the wide array of activities available.

The campground’s prime location along the picturesque Russian River is a major draw for visitors. People appreciate the opportunity to engage in activities like fishing, canoeing, and swimming in the river, as well as relaxing on its scenic shores.

Casini Ranch also offers amenities like a boat ramp, allowing campers to easily launch their own watercraft. In addition to river activities, the campground boasts various recreational options such as a game room and playgrounds, which are particularly appealing to families.

Nearby attractions like the charming town of Duncans Mills and the stunning Sonoma Coastline offer further exploration opportunities. Whether it’s enjoying the river, playing games, or exploring the surrounding area, Casini Ranch Family Campground provides an enjoyable and memorable camping experience for all.

3. Feather Falls Casino KOA (Oroville)

Oroville is the location where Feather Falls Casino KOA is situated. It’s a city in Butte County, California, known for its proximity to Lake Oroville and Oroville Dam. Feather Falls Casino offers a unique camping experience that provides a combination of casino entertainment, outdoor recreation, and comfortable camping facilities, making it a desirable destination for those seeking a diverse and enjoyable getaway in Oroville.

People are drawn to this campground for its convenient access to the Feather Falls Casino, where they can indulge in gaming, dining, and entertainment. The casino provides a vibrant atmosphere and various amenities for guests to enjoy. Additionally, the campground itself offers a range of activities and amenities, such as a swimming pool and hot tub, allowing campers to relax and unwind.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby Feather Falls scenic trail, which leads to a stunning waterfall nestled in the picturesque Plumas National Forest. The campground’s location near Lake Oroville also offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and exploring the surrounding natural beauty.

4. Benbow KOA (Garberville)

Benbow KOA is a campground located in Garberville, a small town in Humboldt County, California, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Redwood forests. People appreciate the campground’s tranquil atmosphere and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

One of the main attractions is the proximity to the Redwood forests, allowing campers to embark on scenic hikes or leisurely walks amidst towering trees. The campground itself provides a host of amenities, including a swimming pool, hot tub, mini-golf course, and playgrounds, which cater to families and individuals seeking recreational activities.

Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy the adjacent golf course, adding to the appeal of the campground. Furthermore, the nearby town of Garberville offers unique shopping, dining, and cultural experiences.

5. Shasta Lake RV Resort & Campground (Lakehead)

Shasta Lake RV Resort & Campground in Lakehead is highly regarded by campers for its exceptional location near the stunning Shasta Lake, making it a desirable destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors are drawn to the campground for its array of water activities, including boating, fishing, swimming, and water skiing on the vast and picturesque Shasta Lake.

The campground provides easy access to the lake with amenities such as a boat ramp and boat rentals, allowing campers to fully enjoy the water-based adventures. In addition to lake activities, the campground offers a swimming pool, and playgrounds, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

Nature lovers can explore the nearby hiking trails, taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests. Shasta Lake RV Resort & Campground also features a general store, ensuring campers have access to essential supplies and conveniences.

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6. Vineyard RV Park (Vacaville)

People are drawn to Vineyard RV campground for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views of the surrounding vineyards. Wine enthusiasts and nature lovers appreciate the opportunity to explore the nearby vineyards, participate in wine tasting tours, and experience the region’s rich wine culture.

The campground’s location in Vacaville also offers proximity to the Napa Valley wine region, allowing visitors to venture further and explore renowned wineries and indulge in world-class dining experiences.

Additionally, the campground provides amenities such as spacious RV sites, ensuring a comfortable stay, and hiking trails that allow campers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area. The clubhouse and swimming pool offer opportunities for relaxation and socializing, while the tranquil atmosphere of the vineyards provides a serene backdrop for unwinding.

Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville is an appealing choice for those seeking a peaceful getaway, wine tasting adventures, and a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of California’s wine country.

7. Durango RV Resort (Red Bluff)

Red Bluff is the location where Durango RV Resort is situated. It’s a city in Tehama County, California, located along the banks of the Sacramento River. Durango RV Resort is a popular choice among campers due to its scenic location in the Sacramento River Valley and its range of activities that cater to various interests.

People appreciate the campground’s serene atmosphere and its proximity to the picturesque Sacramento River, which offers opportunities for fishing, boating, and other water-based activities. Nature enthusiasts can explore the nearby parks and wildlife areas, such as the Sacramento River Bend Area, where they can hike, observe wildlife, and enjoy the natural beauty of the region.

Moreover, the location of Durango RV Resort allows visitors to access charming towns like Red Bluff and nearby attractions such as the Tehama District Fairgrounds and the historic downtown area. With its scenic surroundings, diverse recreational options, and comfortable facilities, Durango RV Resort offers a delightful camping experience for individuals and families looking to enjoy the natural beauty and attractions of the Red Bluff area.


In conclusion, Northern California offers a plethora of private campgrounds that cater to different preferences and interests. Each campground offers a unique camping experience, allowing visitors to connect with nature, enjoy recreational activities, and create lasting memories. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or a blend of both, these private campgrounds in Northern California are sure to provide a delightful and memorable camping experience.

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