8 Best Oregon beaches for agates (With Amazing Souvenirs) 2024

Hello there and welcome to our website! This article explores the best Oregon beaches for agates. As people argue, Oregon is a state blessed with stunning coastal beaches, and if you’re looking for a beachcombing adventure, Oregon shorelines are the perfect place to search for agates.

So, whether you’re an experienced rock hound or just getting started in the hobby, there’s something for every level of collector. From the rocky headlands of Cannon Beach to the sand-strewn shores of Bandon Beach, here are some of the best Oregon beaches for agates.

Best Oregon beaches for agates

1. Cannon Beach

Photo Credit: Oregon Coast Beach Connection

Oregon is a beachcomber’s dream and if you’re an agate collector, then there is one beach that you must visit: Cannon Beach. With its vast stretches of sand, awe-inspiring rock formations, and waves that are perfect for agate hunting, Cannon Beach is the ideal destination for any nature enthusiast.

If you love to search for those stunning stones with their warm earthy tones, then Cannon Beach has plenty to offer; from the traditional deep reds and oranges to yellows, blues, greens and purples. Agates can also be found in various sizes; from small pebbles to larger regularly shaped stones.  

With every wave comes a new opportunity to find your next precious gem! So, grab your basket and explore the shoreline of this beautiful Oregon beach –you won’t regret it!

2. Waldport

Photo Credit: Fun Beach Fun.com

Waldport is located on the central Oregon coast and has some of the most stunning agates around. There’s something special about this place – it offers a tranquil setting along with easy access to shoreline filled with treasures waiting to be discovered.

With its rocky coastline, visitors can spend hours combing through the rocks and sand searching for vibrant colors and unique shapes that make up these amazing stones. Whether you’re a novice collector or an experienced one, there’s something here for everyone!

3. Bandon Beach

Photo Credit: RareGoldNuggets.com

Bandon Beach, located on the south coast in Bandon, Oregon. This beach stretches over four miles along the Pacific Coast and offers visitors a unique opportunity to find colorful agates among the black sand.

Agates can be found in various sizes and colors ranging from deep red to iridescent blue! With so many different kinds of stones available, it’s no wonder why this beach has become a favorite spot for those looking to add some extra sparkle to their collection.

The combination of black sand and surf make Bandon Beach an ideal location for hunting down agates. Visitors can even join guided tours that provide instruction on how to identify different types of stones as well as tips on how best to search for them.

4. Depoe Bay

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Depoe Bay is the ultimate destination for uncovering hidden treasures. This wide, sandy beach is ideal for those who are seeking to take in some stunning ocean views while searching the sand and rocks for these unique stones.

Agate hunting at Depoe Bay is a great activity all year round, but its summer months offer up some of the best opportunities. With a predictable low tide pattern and plenty of conducive beach areas, it’s easy to spot these beautiful stones as they glimmer from their hiding spots along the shoreline.

Whether you make your own discoveries or purchase some from local vendors, agates collected here are sure to be cherished long after your visit ends.

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5. Siletz Bay

Siletz Bay is a picturesque spot located on the central Oregon coast between Lincoln City and Newport. The bay opens up into the vast Pacific Ocean, making it an ideal place to look for beautiful agates that have been smoothed by the ocean’s waves over time.

As you comb the shoreline you may also find other treasures like driftwood and colorful stones that make great souvenirs or gifts! Plus, Siletz Bay is surrounded by plenty of scenic sights like rocky bluffs and old growth forests so there’s no shortage of breathtaking views.

6. Beverly Beach

Photo Credit: Oregon Live

Beverly Beach near Newport is one of the top spots to search for agates. This beach has thick layers of soft sand perfect for digging around and finding these beautiful stones.

Plus, it’s located close by popular attractions like Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area making it a great place to spend an afternoon. Keep your eyes peeled while walking along the shoreline – there are plenty of stunning agates waiting to be discovered!

It’s also less crowded than many other spots on this list, making it an ideal destination to get away from it all while searching for your perfect specimens.

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7. Gold Beach

Photo Credit: Travel Oregon

Gold Beach on Oregon’s southern coast offers some of the best beach combing for agates in Oregon. With miles and miles of sandy shoreline, Gold Beach offers plenty of space to explore and uncover agates washed up from the Pacific Ocean.

Agate hunters here can expect to find a variety of colors, shapes and sizes ranging from small pebbles to large nodules filled with beautiful patterns. The thrill of discovery is sure to make anyone feel like they have struck gold!

8. Moolack Beach

Image Credit: Toy Hunter – You Tube

Moolack Beach is one of the best spots in Oregon for collecting these beautiful stones. It’s located along the central coast near Newport, and its rugged coastline makes it an ideal spot for agates.

What makes Moolack Beach even better is that you don’t have to search long or hard to find them: there are plenty of colorful specimens scattered among the rocks at low tide. You’ll find a variety of different shades and sizes, from dark red jasper to light blue chalcedony.

With so many varieties available, you can easily fill your pockets with a unique collection over just one visit.


In conclusion, Oregon has endless beaches with an abundance of beautiful agates waiting to be found! From the pristine and well-known Cannon Beach to the hidden gems like Loon Lake, there is something for everyone.

No matter where you choose to go, you can be sure that you’ll have a great time exploring the Oregon coast and finding some amazing agates! So don’t wait any longer; head out on your next adventure and start searching for your own special agate today!

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