8 Best Places To Live In Indiana For Black Families (2024)

Welcome to states explorer! This article discusses the best places to live in Indiana for black families. As usual, Indiana is a great place to live for many families, but finding the right place to settle down can be especially difficult for black families. With that in mind, this article will explore some of the best places to live while taking into account of factors such as education, economic opportunities, and safety.

Best Places To Live In Indiana For Black Families

1. Indianapolis

Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, is a vibrant city that boasts a rich cultural heritage and diverse population. For Black a family looking for a place to call home, Indianapolis offers an ideal blend of economic opportunities, affordable housing, excellent schools and quality healthcare facilities.

One of the key reasons why Indianapolis is one of the best places for Black families in Indiana is its thriving job market. The city has a strong economy with major employers across various industries such as healthcare, technology, finance and manufacturing.

Additionally, there are several initiatives aimed at supporting minority-owned businesses which create more job opportunities for Black professionals. Another factor that makes Indianapolis an ideal location for Black families is its affordable cost of living. Compared to other metropolitan areas in the country, the cost of living in Indianapolis is relatively low.

2. Carmel

Carmel has been named as another best place to live in Indiana for black families. This is due to a number of factors that make Carmel an ideal location for black families looking to settle down and thrive. With a diverse population and a strong economy, Carmel offers many opportunities for education, employment, and social engagement.

Firstly, Carmel has an excellent school system that provides high-quality education to all students regardless of their race or ethnicity. The school district is committed to diversity and inclusion which makes it easier for black families to feel welcomed in the community.

Additionally, there are several higher education institutions located near Carmel which can provide further educational opportunities. Moreover, the city’s economy is thriving with various job opportunities across different industries such as healthcare, technology, finance among others. See More!

3. Zionsville

Zionsville is a beautiful town located in Boone County, Indiana, with a population of just over 30,000 people. The town was founded in the early 1800s and has since become known as one of the best places to live in Indiana for black families. Zionsville offers an excellent quality of life with top-notch schools, low crime rates, and plenty of recreational activities.

The town’s strong economy is driven by several industries such as healthcare, education, professional services, and retail. This means that residents have access to a wide range of job opportunities that can help them support their families. Black families who move to Zionsville will also enjoy a diverse community where they can feel welcomed and supported.

4. Fishers

Fishers, Indiana is a beautiful and thriving city located in Hamilton County. This wonderful city has been recognized as one of the best places to live in Indiana for black families. It is a perfect destination with beautiful neighborhoods, excellent schools, diverse community activities and amenities.

Fishers offers numerous opportunities for black families to thrive and grow. The city boasts of affordable housing options that cater to different budget levels. There are several shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues within close proximity to the residential areas. Additionally, Fishers has some of the top-rated schools in the state with exceptional academic programs that provide students with a strong foundation for future success.

Furthermore, Fishers provides an inclusive community where minorities feel welcome and valued. The town government ensures that all residents have access to essential services irrespective of their race or socio-economic background.

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5. Merrillville

Merrillville, a town in Indiana, has been named as one of the best places to live for black families. The ranking was based on several factors such as quality of life, safety, education opportunities and affordability. Merrillville offers a range of benefits that make it an ideal place for families looking for a safe and welcoming community.

One of the key benefits of living in Merrillville is its diverse population. The town boasts a large African American community, which makes it easier for new residents to feel at home.

Additionally, Merrillville has some great schools with excellent academic programs that can provide children with the opportunity to excel academically. Furthermore, housing prices in Merrillville are affordable compared to other towns in Indiana making it possible for families to own their own homes.

6. Brownsburg

Brownsburg, a town located in Hendricks County, has been recognized as one of the best places to live in Indiana for black families. With its excellent public schools, low crime rates and affordable housing options, Brownsburg offers an attractive living environment for families seeking safety and security. Its proximity to Indianapolis also provides residents with easy access to job opportunities and cultural experiences.

One of the primary reasons that Brownsburg is an excellent place for black families is its diverse community. The town boasts a population of over 25% African Americans, which means that the community embraces different cultures and backgrounds. This diversity fosters a welcoming environment where families can feel comfortable raising their children without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

7. Lawrence

This suburb of Indianapolis offers affordable housing, excellent schools, and a welcoming community. The population of Lawrence is diverse, with over 30% of residents being African American.

One reason that Lawrence is a desirable place to live for black families is the quality of education available. The Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township serves students from preschool through high school and has received numerous accolades for academic excellence. Additionally, there are several private schools in the area that provide alternative educational options.

Another factor that makes Lawrence an attractive location for black families is its proximity to downtown Indianapolis. This provides easy access to job opportunities, cultural events, and entertainment venues. Furthermore, the city’s commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that all residents feel welcome and valued regardless of their race or ethnicity.

8. South Bend

South Bend, Indiana is a thriving city that has established itself as one of the best places to live in for Black families. With its vibrant community, excellent schools, and ample job opportunities, South Bend offers an ideal environment for those seeking a high quality of life. The city’s rich history and diverse culture make it an attractive destination for individuals from all walks of life.

One of the key factors that makes South Bend such a great place to live in for Black families is its strong sense of community. The city boasts numerous organizations and groups dedicated to improving the lives of residents, particularly minority populations. These groups offer support and resources that help build strong bonds between families and promote inclusivity.


To sum it up, Indiana is a great place for Black families to settle down and build a life. From affordable housing options to increasing opportunities, the Hoosier State is one of the best places for Black Americans to live and thrive. With the diverse communities, excellent education systems, and cultural attractions, Indiana is the perfect place to call home.

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