4 Bad things about living in Delaware State (2024)

Welcome to States Explorer! This article explores the bad things about living in Delaware State; also known as “The First State”.

The article commences with a brief introduction and history of Delaware and discusses the pros and cons of living there. It then highlights the major things Delaware is known and famous for! So stay put and read it through!

Bad things about living in Delaware State

The Dutch were among the first Europeans to arrive in Delaware, landing at Zwaanendael on what is now Lewes Beach in 1631. This settlement was short-lived due to a series of unfortunate events, but it marked England’s claim over this area of land from then on.

In 1776, Delaware was one of the original 13 colonies that declared independence from Britain—and two years later became the very first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States!

Modern Day Delaware
Modern Day Delaware (Creator: Delaware Today)

Delaware may have a small land area, but it is full of surprises! From its beautiful beaches to its bustling city life, Delaware has much to offer for those looking for a place to live. However, not all is perfect in the “First State,” as there are some bad things about living in Delaware that you should know about so that you can make an informed decision before deciding to move or relocate there.

Bad things about living in Delaware

(a) High Cost of Living

From housing to food costs, Delaware can be expensive compared to other states. Renting an apartment will run you a minimum of $1,000 per month and higher depending on amenities and location.

Additionally, groceries are also more expensive than in many other states due to taxes and limited competition from big-box stores like Walmart or Target. The good news is that salaries tend to be slightly higher than average across the state which makes up for some of these expenses; however, it doesn’t negate them completely.

(b) Limited Public Transportation options

Public transportation is essential for those who do not own a car or prefer not to drive. Unfortunately, Delaware lacks the infrastructure and resources necessary to support a robust public transit system; as such, commuters who rely on buses and trains are at a disadvantage.

The few existing routes are limited in scope and often take inconveniently long trips from one point to another. In addition, most of these services only run during peak commuting hours, leaving little room for flexibility if you have an appointment outside this time frame.

(c) Extreme weather conditions

Delaware is no stranger to extreme weather conditions. From hurricanes and Nor’easters in the summer and winter months, it’s not uncommon for people living in Delaware to experience stormy weather throughout the year.

What’s more, those who live along its coast are especially vulnerable when it comes to severe storms like hurricanes. The low-lying terrain of many coastal towns makes them particularly susceptible to flooding and wind damage during hurricane season.

In addition, the state’s exposure to Atlantic storms makes it one of the most hurricane-prone states on the east coast. It is important for potential residents of Delaware to take this into consideration before moving there!

(d) Negative effects of overcrowding

As the population continues to rise, overcrowding has become an increasingly prominent problem in Delaware. Here are just a few of the negative effects of overcrowding that residents must contend with:

First, traffic congestion is becoming a significant issue. With more people living in Delaware than ever before, roads are always clogged up with cars and buses trying to get from one point to another.

During rush hour times, this can be particularly frustrating as people try to make their way through streets lined with vehicles bumper-to-bumper. In addition to being time-consuming and inconvenient, this can also lead to increased levels of air pollution due to exhaust fumes from idling engines.

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Good things about living in Delaware

Delaware may be small, but it packs a big punch when it comes to providing residents with the opportunity to live a great life. Its location between New York and Washington D.C. makes it an ideal spot for those looking for easy access to both cities, as well as many smaller towns in the area that offer plenty of culture and entertainment options.

(a) Tax Benefits

First, Delaware is an incredibly tax-friendly state; they have no sales tax or individual income tax on wages! This means that residents can keep more of their money instead of sending it off to the government. Additionally, there is no intangible personal property tax for corporations within Delaware, which makes doing business in this state desirable and profitable.

(b) Great Education System

The state has been consistently ranked as one of the top states in the nation for its education system, particularly in terms of college preparation opportunities and early childhood education initiatives.

With excellent public schools throughout the state and numerous private school choices available, Delaware offers parents a variety of options to ensure their children receive quality education no matter where they live.

Things Delaware is known and famous for

1. Stunning beaches

Things Delaware is known and famous for
Photo Credit: Tripelle

A trip to Delaware isn’t complete without a visit to its expansive shorelines and awe-inspiring beaches. With miles upon miles of sunny sands, it’s no wonder why the First State is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the country.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or try exciting water sports activities like kayaking or surfing, there’s something for everyone at Delaware’s beautiful coastline!

2. Rich History

Fort Delaware State Park
Fort Delaware State Park (Creator: Visit The USA)

Delaware State has a plethora of historical attractions such as Dover Air Force Base Museum, Fort DuPont State Park, and several Revolutionary War battlefields that offer insight into the past.

In addition to this rich past, Delaware also offers incredible outdoor activities like hiking trails in White Clay Creek State Park or relaxing at Lewes Beach on the Atlantic Coast.

A visitor hiking at Mt.Tammany Delaware
A visitor hiking at Mt.Tammany Delaware (Creator: DNA Travelers)

With all these amazing attractions to explore, there’s no wonder why Delaware has become known for its amazing culture and fascinating sights!

3. Sports

Things Delaware is known and famous for
Photo Credit: University of Delaware

Delaware is home to some of the most exhilarating NASCAR races around. The track is also home to two massive events: the Monster Mile and Firefly Music Festival. Not only can you take in an awesome race or live show but you can also explore the sprawling grounds full of vendors and fun activities.

NASCAR Races in Delaware
NASCAR Races (Creator: Sporting News)

For those looking to play rather than watch sports, Delaware offers pristine golf courses spanning across several counties including Rehoboth Beach and Wilmington. From traditional greens to challenging mini golf courses, there are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation here!

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4. Other interesting facts about Delaware

Interesting Facts about Delaware
Interesting Facts about Delaware (Creator: Foreign USA)


In conclusion, living in Delaware has its cons, but the pros greatly outweigh them. From the trails and beaches to the excellent school system and rich history, Delaware is an attractive option for anyone looking for a place to call home.

And with its close proximity to major cities like Philadelphia and Washington D.C., you can always enjoy a weekend getaway. So why not make your move to Delaware today? With so much to offer, you’ll be glad you did!

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