8 Best places to live in Oahu for young adults and couples (2024)

This article explores the best places to live in Oahu for young adults and couples looking to settle down. Oahu is a beautiful and vibrant island with endless possibilities. From its stunning beaches to its thriving nightlife, it’s no wonder why young adults and couples flock to this paradise for an unforgettable experience.

However, it can be difficult to decide which area of Oahu is the best fit when considering where to live, but with careful research, the perfect place can be found! With that in mind, this article highlights the best places to live in Oahu for young adults and couples.

Best places to live in Oahu for young adults and couples

1. Waikiki

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Waikiki is known for being one of the most exciting and vibrant areas on this island paradise and there’s plenty to love about it. Whether you are looking for action-packed nightlife, delicious restaurants, or just want to take in some of the beautiful scenery, Waikiki has something for you.

With its stunning beaches and incredible activities, living in Waikiki guarantees an unbeatable experience.

Waikiki also offers a range of housing options from quaint beach cottages to luxurious sky-rise condominiums. Each building offers incredible views of the ocean, as well as access to nearby attractions like shopping malls, art galleries, and local eateries.

2. Kailua

As a young adult or a couple looking for the perfect place to live in Oahu, Kailua could be the answer! This relaxed beach community provides its residents with an idyllic lifestyle.

Located just 15 minutes from Honolulu, Kailua offers the best of both worlds; convenience and tranquillity. Kailua is full of outdoor adventures and activities, ranging from hiking to kayaking.

The beaches are some of Hawaii’s most beautiful and make it easy to connect with nature in this vibrant coastal town. So, whether you’re looking to relax in the sun or experience a thrilling adventure, there’s something for everyone here!

Kailua is also home to a thriving nightlife scene and plenty of delicious restaurants that offer everything from local fare to international cuisine.

3. Haleiwa

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Located on the North Shore, Haleiwa is a small town that offers residents big-city amenities with a laidback beach vibe.

Haleiwa is known for its surf culture, but there’s so much more to do here. If you love spending time outdoors in nature, you can explore incredible beaches and hiking trails just minutes away from downtown!

Plus, there are plenty of great restaurants and shops to check out too. And if you want some nightlife action, nearby Waimea Bay is known for hosting awesome dance parties during sunset hours.

No matter your lifestyle or interests, Haleiwa has something you will love! On top of that, Haleiwa has some great job opportunities in the service industry and retail space – making it easy to find work if needed.

4. Hawaii Kai

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Located just east of downtown Honolulu, it’s an amazing resort-style community that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts and those who want easy access to the island’s best beaches and attractions.

From its beautiful marinas and parks to its fun nightlife and dining options, Hawaii Kai has something for everyone. This residential area features stunning views of Diamond Head and Koko Head craters, as well as excellent shopping opportunities.

In addition to this, Hawaii Kai also offers tons of outdoor recreation opportunities with its two large parks: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve and Koko Head Regional Park. Not to mention the breathtaking sunsets over Maunalua Bay!

This eighbourhood has great apartments with lots of amenities, like pools and gyms – perfect if you’re hoping for an active lifestyle close to nature! After your workout, take a stroll down Kalanianaole Highway where you’ll find gorgeous views of Maunalua Bay. With plenty of shops and eateries along this route, you can easily meet up with friends or pick up some much-needed supplies.

5. Downtown Honolulu

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At Downtown Honoluluyou can enjoy a vibrant city life with all its associated amenities: world-class restaurants, luxurious hotels, shopping galore, museums full of Hawaiian history and culture, a lively nightlife scene – the list goes on!

Whether you want to explore the great outdoors or experience high culture in Hawaii’s state capital, Downtown Honolulu is sure to have something exciting for you. Plus, with plenty of public transportation options available, it’s easy to get around and check out everything that this amazing city has to offer.

With ample job opportunities in industries like finance, retail, and tech – not to mention some of Hawaii’s top universities located just minutes away – living in Downtown Honolulu is sure to provide plenty of excitement!

It’s no wonder Downtown Honolulu is one of the most sought-after places to live on the island.

6. Kaneohe

Kaneohe, located on the windward side of Oahu, is quickly becoming a favorite destination for young adults and couples looking to call the Hawaiian Islands home.  This area offers beautiful scenery overlooking Kaneohe Bay while being close enough to Honolulu and Waikiki to take advantage of all the city has to offer.

For those looking for an affordable place to live without sacrificing amenities or conveniences, Kaneohe is an ideal choice. The cost of living here is significantly lower than in other parts of Oahu, making it perfect for young adults or couples who are just starting out.

In addition, this area provides residents with access to shopping and dining options as well as great schools for families with children.

Kaneohe offers a suburban atmosphere with plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and sailing.

This town also boasts a population of over 34,000 people making it large enough for all your needs yet still small enough so you can feel close-knit within your community.

7. Waimea

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Located on the western side of the island, Waimea is known for its stunning views of both mountains and the ocean. It’s also home to some of Hawaii’s best beaches, with plenty of activities—from swimming and boating to surfing and snorkeling!

Waimea has something for everyone – from excellent nightlife and restaurants to great shopping options. It’s easy to get around town with public transportation as well as bike paths that make sightseeing a breeze.

There are plenty of parks nearby perfect for picnicking or relaxing in the sun. The community atmosphere is friendly and welcoming making it a great place to be with locals who can provide valuable insight into all things Waimea!

8. Sunset Beach

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This charming beachfront town is a perfect destination for those seeking exciting nightlife, beachfront activities, and plenty of shopping options.

Sunset Beach offers the perfect balance between a laid-back atmosphere and vibrant city life. It boasts some of the best beaches on the island, allowing visitors to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, surfing, or simply relaxing with their toes in the sand.

The area also has numerous restaurants that serve up fresh seafood dishes as well as fine dining establishments serving popular Hawaiian cuisine. There are plenty of shops located in downtown Sunset Beach too so visitors can find whatever they need right at their fingertips.


In conclusion, living in Oahu is an amazing experience for young adults and couples. With its sunny beaches, diverse culture and experiences, and exciting opportunities for entertainment and exploration, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to make their home in this Hawaiian paradise.

Whether you’re looking for fun on the beach or professional opportunities in the city, this island has something to offer everyone.

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