Does Holland America Have Free Wifi? (Surf & Premium Packages Explained) 2024

In this article, we will delve into the topic “Does Holland America have free wifi?” and explore everything you need to know about their wifi services.

We will find out if they offer free wifi, the quality of the connection, and other essential information. We will uncover all the answers you need about Holland America’s wifi services.

Does Holland America Have Free Wifi

Holland America Overview

Are you planning a cruise with Holland America and wondering if they provide free wifi onboard? Holland America is a renowned cruise line known for its exceptional services and luxurious voyages. While staying connected is crucial, especially during travel, understanding the wifi options available on your cruise can be essential.

Does Holland America Have Free Wifi?

The answer is No, Holland America does not offer free Wi-Fi services on its ships. However, to cater to their guests’ needs, Holland America offers Wi-Fi subscription services onboard their ships. The availability and pricing of the Wi-Fi services vary depending on the ship, itinerary, and the type of stateroom you choose.

Holland America Wifi Packages

When it comes to internet access on Holland America cruises, the company offers two wifi packages to suit various needs. Let’s explore these packages:

1. Surf Wifi Package

Holland America provides surf wifi package to its guests in most areas of the ship, such as public spaces and lounges. This service is suitable for guests who need occasional internet access for checking emails or basic browsing.

With the surf wifi package, you can read the news, check your email and keep up with favorite sports apps and sites. However, messaging apps with audio/video features are not supported.

The Surf wifi package costs $29.99 per day or comes with the ‘Have It All’ fare plan. It’s essential to note that the speed of the surf wifi may be limited compared to premium package.

2. Premium Wifi Package

For guests who require more extensive internet usage throughout their cruise, Holland America offers a premium wifi package. This package provides high-speed internet access, allowing you to stream videos, video chat, and use social media platforms seamlessly.

With the premium wifi package that costs $34.99 per day, you have access to all the sites and apps plus you can make audio and video calls. It offers the following:

  • Audio & Video Streaming
  • Web surfing, Sports, Emails & News
  • Messaging Apps (audio/video features are supported)
2. Premium Wifi Package:

Is the Wifi Connection Reliable?

The reliability of the wifi connection on a cruise ship can be a concern for many travelers. Holland America has taken significant strides to ensure a stable and dependable internet connection onboard. However, it’s crucial to remember that the internet connection at sea can be affected by various factors, including weather conditions and the ship’s location.

To provide a better experience, Holland America has invested in satellite technology and onboard infrastructure to enhance the wifi service. Despite these efforts, guests should be prepared for occasional disruptions or slower speeds, especially in remote or less covered areas during the voyage.

Using Wifi on Holland America: Tips and Tricks

To make the most of the wifi services offered by Holland America, consider the following tips and tricks:

1. Check Wifi Availability

Upon embarking on your cruise, inquire about the wifi options available for your specific itinerary. Familiarize yourself with the different packages and pricing to choose the one that suits your needs best.

2. Connect in Designated Areas

While some packages offer ship-wide coverage, others might be limited to specific areas. Check the ship’s layout to identify designated wifi hotspots, and plan your internet usage accordingly.

3. Manage Data Usage

To avoid excessive data consumption, disable automatic updates on your devices and limit video streaming unless you have an unlimited package. Opt for offline modes when possible to reduce data usage.

4. Time Your Internet Usage

If you’re on a time-based package, make the most of your online activities during the designated duration. Consider using the internet during port visits or during periods when you’re not engaged in onboard activities.

FAQs about Holland America’s Wifi Services

Can I access free wifi in my stateroom?

While complimentary wifi may be available in select public areas, access in staterooms may require an upgraded package.

Is the premium wifi package worth it?

If you need faster and more reliable internet access for work or streaming, the premium package can be a worthwhile subscription.

How can I purchase a wifi package?

You can buy wifi packages onboard at the internet cafe or through Holland America’s official website before your cruise.

Will I get a refund for unused days on a time-based package if I disembark early?

Refund policies may vary, so it’s essential to check with guest services for specific details.

Can I use video conferencing apps on the unlimited package?

Yes, the unlimited package allows for video conferencing, streaming, and other data-intensive activities.

Is wifi available during shore excursions?

Wifi access may not be available during shore excursions, as it depends on the port’s infrastructure.


In conclusion, Holland America does offer wifi services on its cruises, providing various packages to suit different internet usage needs. While there are complimentary options, guests looking for faster and more extensive access can opt for premium or unlimited packages.

The reliability of the connection is continually improving, but occasional disruptions are possible. By choosing the right package and following some simple tips, you can make the most of your wifi experience on a Holland America cruise.

Remember, staying connected is convenient, but it’s also essential to disconnect and enjoy the wonderful experiences that a cruise offers. So, strike a balance, and have a fantastic time onboard!

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