7 Pros and cons of living in Ave Maria Florida (2024)

Hello there and welcome to our website! In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of living in Ave Maria Florida. The article starts with a brief introduction of Ave Maria and discusses its pros and cons. It later highlights the famous things Ave Maria is known for. Relax and read it through!

Pros and cons of living in Ave Maria Florida

Ave Maria, Florida is a unique and special town with a rich history. Established in 2007, Ave Maria was the first ever “planned community” developed by founder Tom Monaghan who had the vision for a self-sustaining Catholic town.

Ave Maria, Florida

The architecture of Ave Maria is unlike any other and the town has become known for its picturesque streetscapes, quaint shops, and impressive outdoor amenities.

At present, Ave Maria has grown to include over 33,000 residents with plenty of opportunities to explore the historic culture that makes it so special.

Ave Maria, Florida
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From natural parks to fine dining experiences and recreational activities such as fishing, kayaking, or even airboating – there’s something for everyone in Ave Maria! The town also hosts an array of festivals throughout the year including its signature event ‘Taste of Ave Maria’ which celebrates all things local.

The growing community in Ave Maria offers its residents plenty of perks, but there are also some drawbacks to living there. Let’s explore the pros and cons of living in the region.

Pros and cons of living in Ave Maria Florida

Pros of living in Ave Maria Florida

Proximity to Amenities

One of the biggest pros of living in Ave Maria is its close proximity to all the great amenities the area has to offer. Located just off I-75, Ave Maria is conveniently located near shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Pros of living in Ave Maria Florida
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So, whether you’re looking for some retail therapy or a night out on the town with friends, there’s something nearby that will fit your needs. In addition, residents can enjoy quick access to beaches along both coasts as well as some of Southwest Florida’s top attractions like Naples Pier and Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ave Maria is incredibly affordable, making it ideal for families who are on a budget or retirees who want to live comfortably without breaking the bank. Since most homes are moderately priced, you can find something that fits your needs without spending too much money. Additionally, the area boasts numerous tax benefits that can help make expenses even lower!

Beautiful Natural Surroundings

Ave Maria Florida is a beautiful town with plenty to offer its residents. Boasting incredible climate and amazing natural surroundings, living in Ave Maria provides many incredible benefits.

The town of Ave Maria is situated within the sunny Southwest Florida region, offering beautiful weather year-round. Residents get to enjoy warm days full of sunshine and cool nights accompanied by a gentle breeze. With its mild temperatures and stunning sunsets, it’s easy to understand why so many people choose to call this place home.

Pros of living in Ave Maria Florida
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Apart from the fantastic climate, another great perk of living in Ave Maria is taking advantage of its natural beauty. From lush green parks to breathtaking wetlands, the area has something for everyone who loves outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or bird, watching. Residents can also explore some of the nearby beaches or take part in fishing and kayaking trips on the coast!

Community Spirit

Ave Maria is a small town teeming with neighborly love and provides the perfect backdrop to start or raise your family. One of the most attractive features of living in Ave Maria is its commitment to close-knit community values.

There are also countless opportunities to get involved and meet new friends. From weekly farmers markets hosted by local businesses to outdoor movie screenings under the stars – there’s always something fun going on!

Residents also enjoy easy access to excellent schools, churches, parks, and more; all with a special emphasis on fostering relationships between neighbors.

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Cons of living in Ave Maria Florida

Lack of diversity

One of the drawbacks of living in Ave Maria is the lack of diversity. As it’s mostly comprised of white Catholics, religious and cultural events tend to be limited – making it difficult for those from other backgrounds to find connection or comfortability within their surroundings.

Additionally, the homogenous nature can lead to feelings of isolation for non-Catholic residents as well as those who don’t conform to the conservative values present in the area.

Isolation from major cities

This small town isn’t within close proximity to many large metropolitan areas, making it difficult to access goods and services that one might not be able to find locally.

Additionally, if you’re someone who enjoys having access to the hustle and bustle of city life, this location can be quite restricting; it’s not easy to go out for a night on the town when the nearest city is over an hour away.

Limited public transport

Living in Ave Maria means limited access to public transportation services. The town is rather small and there are no nearby cities with reliable public transit systems. This can be a major inconvenience for those who rely on these services for work or leisure activities.

Without access to buses and trains, residents must find alternative methods of getting around such as carpooling or driving themselves – both of which can add up in terms of cost and time spent commuting.

Things Ave Maria Florida is known and famous for

(a) Ave Maria Golf courses

One of the most popular things Ave Maria is known for is its golf courses. With three 18-hole championship courses, this stunning community offers something for everyone.

Ave Maria Golf courses
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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer seeking a challenge, there’s no better place to tee off than these award-winning courses set against the backdrop of beautiful pine forests and shimmering lakes. There are also several driving ranges throughout the area so that golfers can practice their swing away from the greens.

(b) Beautiful parks and trails

There are a number of gorgeous parks and trails that provide plenty of options for hikers, bikers, kayakers, and more! Visitors can explore winding hiking paths through mangroves or take in spectacular views from the area’s many overlooks.

Ave Maria beautiful parks and trails
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The local state parks also provide visitors with access to pristine beaches and stunning wildlife viewing opportunities perfect for nature lovers. For those looking for a bit more adventure, there are several challenging biking routes available as well!

(c) Unique town centre

The town center is especially popular among visitors due to its range of activities on offer. On any given day, you could find yourself browsing through local boutiques or indulging in some traditional Italian ice cream.

Ave Maria town centre
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As evening draws near, live music fills the air as people gather around tables at outdoor restaurants ready for dinner or drinks after hours. You can also enjoy a night out at one of many bars or pubs in town while experiencing an atmosphere that’s both charming and lively!


In conclusion, living in Ave Maria Florida is a great place for families who enjoy the outdoors, have the desire to be part of a tight-knit community, and who value their faith. Even with its drawbacks such as limited public transport and distance from major cities, the pros of living in Ave Maria far outweigh the cons. The town offers various amenities including shopping centers, schools, parks, and trails in addition to unexpected activities like plays and concerts.

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