Why is Pittsburgh Real Estate so Cheap? (Top 6 Reasons)

Have you ever wondered “why is Pittsburgh Real Estate so cheap?” compared to other major cities? There are many reasons why this is the case and it’s not just because of the city’s population size.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the key factors which have contributed to making Pittsburgh real estate so cheap. From the city’s history and geography to other economic factors, we’ll cover all the essential reasons why Pittsburgh properties offer such great value for money.

Why is Pittsburgh Real Estate so Cheap?

1. Population Loss

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The Steel City has experienced a population decline since the 1950s, leaving a surplus of housing and driving prices down. In 2021, around 1,700,000 people called Pittsburgh home. By 2022 that number had dropped to just over 1,699,000.  But there’s still plenty of opportunity here – in fact, it could be the perfect time to get into the market.

Known as the City of Bridges, Pittsburgh is one of America’s most livable cities – but with a lower population than many other cities its size. This means that while demand for housing remains relatively low, there are still plenty of great properties available at affordable prices. With lots of parks and riverside trails within easy reach, you can enjoy an urban lifestyle without breaking the bank.

2. Aging Infrastructure

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Pittsburgh has a lot to offer potential buyers, from its affordable housing to its abundance of outdoor activities. But what’s really driving the city’s real estate prices down? It turns out that aging infrastructure is one of the primary reasons why Pittsburgh real estate remains so cheap.

In recent years, Pittsburgh’s dilapidated roadways, bridges, and buildings have posed a major challenge for city officials who are trying to revitalize the local economy. Despite millions of dollars spent on infrastructure repairs, many areas still need attention and upgrades; this includes everything from fixing potholes to replacing old water pipes.

The result is that many people looking for a new house in Pittsburgh are deterred by the state of disrepair in some neighborhoods—which keeps home prices low.

Many buildings were constructed decades ago and lack modern amenities. While this may be a drawback for some, it can also be an opportunity for others looking to buy or rent property on a budget. With some renovations and updates, these older properties have huge potential for those with vision and ambition.

If you’re searching for your dream home in Pittsburgh, now is a great time to start looking around!

3. Limited Appreciation Potential

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The city offers residents a plethora of amenities, including award-winning restaurants and attractions, great schools, and close proximity to nature. However, the main reason why real estate in Pittsburgh is so affordable is its limited appreciation potential.

When an area has limited appreciation potential, it means that property values are unlikely to increase significantly over time. This generally happens in areas with stagnant economies or low population growth rates. In Pittsburgh’s case, its economy has been slow to develop due to its industrial past and the recent downsizing of corporate headquarters within the region.

As a result, demand for housing remains relatively low compared to other cities which makes it possible for people to buy homes at much lower prices than they would elsewhere.

4. Limited Amenities

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This city is known for its cheap real estate prices and wide selection of homes. With limited amenities, the city offers a great opportunity for those wanting to invest in property or buy a home without breaking the bank.

The main reason why Pittsburgh real estate is so cheap is due to the limited amenities available in comparison to other cities. Despite being home to several universities, hospitals, parks, and museums, many areas still don’t have access to modern amenities like shopping centers or high-end restaurants.

This has caused housing prices to remain relatively low compared to other cities with more options available nearby.

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5. The Abundance of Affordable Properties

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one of the most affordable cities for real estate in the United States. With an abundance of affordable properties available, it’s no surprise that this city is a great place to invest in real estate and enjoy life at a fraction of the cost.

Pittsburgh has a wide variety of homes for sale at low prices, ranging from sprawling single-family houses to modern condos in downtown areas. The city also offers plenty of opportunities for investors looking to buy rental properties, with some neighborhoods boasting rental yields of over 8%.

With such an abundance of affordable residential options, it’s clear why Pittsburgh real estate is so cheap compared to other major cities across the country.

6. Favorable Tax Climate

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Pittsburgh has a favorable tax climate for real estate owners. Property taxes are lower than in other cities in the United States, and rental income taxes can be waived through certain incentives. This makes it easier for buyers to generate returns on their investments while keeping costs low.

In addition, there’s no state-level sales tax on residential property transactions – something that further drives down the cost of investing in Pittsburgh real estate.

The housing market itself also contributes to Pittsburgh’s affordability. Home prices are significantly lower than those in nearby areas, making it possible to purchase multiple properties without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, Pittsburgh real estate is an incredible bargain with so much potential. It’s easy to see why this city is becoming such a popular destination for homebuyers. At these prices, it won’t be long before Pittsburgh real estate prices start to rise.

If you’re looking for a great investment opportunity or just want to take advantage of the incredibly low prices, now is the time to buy in Pittsburgh.

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