4 worst things about living in Louisiana State (2024)

This article discusses the best and worst things about living in Louisiana “The Pelican State.” The article begins with concise background information of Louisiana and discusses the pros and cons of living in this unique southern state. It later highlights the things Louisiana is known and famous for. Stay put and read it through!

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Worst things about living in Louisiana State

Louisiana is a unique and vibrant state with a rich culture and heritage. From the wetlands of the south to the hills of the north, the landscape is diverse and varied. From its French colonial roots to its current history as a culturally diverse melting pot, Louisiana has always been an interesting place to explore. If you are curious about the past of this great state, this article has everything you need to know about the history of Louisiana!

The Colonial French Louisiana
The Colonial French Louisiana

Long before Europeans arrived in the area that would become Louisiana, Native Americans inhabited the region for thousands of years. By 1519, Spanish explorers had arrived in what would eventually be known as Louisiana; Spanish settlers began arriving shortly thereafter.

However, by 1699, Louis XIV had claimed the territory for France and renamed it “La Louisiane” – giving it its current name! For those considering relocating here, it’s important to weigh up both the pros and cons of living in Louisiana.

Worst things about living in Louisiana

1. Limited Job Opportunities

Louisiana consistently ranks among the lowest states for job growth and employment rates, making it difficult to find a stable career in the area. Even more concerning is that while some sectors are growing, they tend to be concentrated in specific areas leaving much of the state without access to those opportunities.

Additionally, wages tend to be lower than the national average when compared to other states with similar industries. This can make it hard for recent college graduates or those looking for a better job opportunity struggle to make ends meet in the area.

Furthermore, fewer jobs means that competition is fierce resulting in individuals having difficulty securing even entry-level positions because of how many people are vying for them.

2. High crime rate

One of the biggest cons of living in Louisiana is its high crime rate. According to recent statistics, Louisiana has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country – and it’s been rising steadily over the past few years. Unfortunately, this means that those living in Louisiana can be at greater risk for property crimes like burglary or theft, as well as violent crimes like assault or homicide.

The good news is that law enforcement officials are working hard to reduce these numbers by creating new social programs and increasing police presence in areas prone to higher levels of criminal activity.

3. Inadequate Infrastructure

Louisiana’s roads, bridges, and other transportation systems have not been improved enough over the years to meet its population growth. This means that traffic congestion is a major problem in most cities across the state, making it difficult and time-consuming to get from point A to point B within a reasonable amount of time.

4. Potential for Natural Disasters

Louisiana has an unfortunate history when it comes to hurricanes, flooding, and other extreme weather events. Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Isaac have all caused destruction in the state over the past two decades.

And even outside of hurricane season, Louisiana can experience heavy rainstorms that lead to flash floods in low-lying areas like New Orleans.

The threat of natural disasters may be enough to make anyone think twice about living in Louisiana – but don’t let that deter you! With careful preparation and planning (and maybe some insurance) you can enjoy all that this great state has to offer while keeping your family safe from harm’s way.

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Best things about living in Louisiana

1. Abundant outdoor activities

Living in Louisiana has many advantages, and if you’re an outdoorsy type who loves a change of scenery and adventure, this is the place for you.

With its humid subtropical climate, Louisiana offers an array of outdoor activities that will keep even the most avid outdoor enthusiast busy. From fishing on Lake Pontchartrain to hiking through lush forests or canoeing down one of the many winding rivers, there’s something for everyone.

Scenic Trails for Hiking in Louisiana
Scenic Trails for Hiking in Louisiana (Creator: Southern Trippers)

Louisiana State also has some of the best hunting grounds in the country. Those looking to hunt anything from small game like squirrels and rabbits to big game such as deer or turkey will find all they need in Louisiana’s abundant wildlife-filled terrain.

Louisiana Timber Ducks Hunting
Louisiana Timber Ducks Hunting (By Duck Hunting Outfitter)

There are also plenty of opportunities for birdwatching as well; with large colonies made up of egrets, herons, ibises, and other waterfowl around every corner.

2. Rich History & Heritage

Louisiana’s long-running traditions make it an exciting place for tourists and locals alike. You’ll find plenty of vibrant festivals throughout the year, from Mardi Gras celebrations to Crawfish Boils, that honor Louisiana’s varied cultures and provide a great opportunity for visitors and residents alike.

3. Friendly People

For starters, if you’re looking for some southern hospitality, you can’t go wrong in Louisiana. Many Louisianans are warm and welcoming, always on the lookout for an opportunity to show off their culture and tradition.

From sharing stories about their heritage over dinner to playing host at one of their famous crawfish boils – the friendly people here will make sure that every visitor feels right at home.

The locals tend to be very laid-back and enjoy having a good time with friends and family— which makes living here all the more enjoyable!

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Things Louisiana is famous and known for

(a) Rich Music Scene

Louisiana’s Rich Music Scene
Louisiana’s Rich Music Scene (Image Credit: Louisiana Travel)

Louisiana’s music scene is particularly noteworthy; with a diverse range of genres from jazz and blues to Cajun and Zydeco, there’s something for just about any music lover.

Famous musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, and Randy Newman have all called Louisiana home at some point in their lives, leaving behind a legacy that continues to influence the state’s musical landscape today.

Tourists visiting the area don’t need to look far before they come across one of the many vibrant live music venues around the region – perfect for tapping into Louisiana’s vibrant soulful sound.

(b) Amazing Cuisine

Louisiana Cajun Dish
Louisiana Cajun Dish (Image Credit: The Daily Meal)

When it comes to amazing cuisine, Louisiana is one of the most unique states in the nation. From Creole and Cajun dishes to seafood boils and po’boys, the flavorful foods of Louisiana have been tantalizing taste buds for generations! With its distinctive blend of French and African influence, Louisiana has a culture all its own.

The foods of this state are some of the best in the country. Jambalaya and gumbo are incredibly popular dishes that use a combination of spices, vegetables, seafood, or meat – making every bite as unique as it is delicious.

Louisiana Jambalaya Dish
Louisiana Jambalaya Dish (Image Credit: Food Republic)

Andouille sausage adds an extra kick to many Cajun dishes like red beans and rice. Beignets provide a sweet ending with their deep-fried doughy goodness doused in powdered sugar.

According to a resident, “Louisiana is known for many things. Great food of practically all types but its Southern comfort food and seafood are the best.”

(c) Nature & Wildlife

Image Credit: TripAdvisor

One of its primary attractions to Louisiana is its array of wildlife. Home to alligators, turtles, snakes and countless other species of animals, Louisiana’s wetlands are teeming with life. From tranquil birdwatching spots to exciting airboat rides through bayou country, there are plenty of ways for visitors to get up close with the state’s wild inhabitants.

Louisiana’s Natural Beauty
Louisiana’s Natural Beauty (Image Credit: Planet Ware)

Louisiana is also known for its breathtaking natural beauty. With miles upon miles of picturesque shorelines along the Gulf Coast and stunning forests in North Louisiana, this state has something for everyone when it comes to outdoor adventure.


In conclusion, Louisiana is a great place to live for individuals who are looking for a mix of modern city amenities and natural attractions. With its amazing culture and warm climate, it is easy to see why so many people choose Louisiana as their home.

Despite the risk of hurricanes and high humidity, Louisiana offers its residents an array of opportunities for entertainment and exploration.

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