11 Reasons NOT to move to Arizona

If you’re thinking about moving to Arizona, there are plenty of reasons not to do so. Here is our top reasons not to move to Arizona.

Reasons not to move to Arizona

The cost of living

Arizona is a great place to live if you’re looking for a sunny climate and affordable prices. But there are some reasons not to move there, even if you can get by on the lower cost of living. One big issue is the high cost of housing. Even in Phoenix, one of the more affordable cities, a two-bedroom apartment can cost over $1,547 a month varies depending on several factors. That’s a lot of money if you’re on a budget or just trying to save up for a down payment on a house.

The heat

There are many reasons to not move to Arizona. The heat can be oppressive, and the weather can change rapidly. The annual rainfall is only about 12 inches, which means that it can get very dry and hot in the summer. And even though Tucson has an impressive number of attractions, it’s not a great place to live if you’re looking for a big city feel. Another reason to stay away from Arizona is its heat and humidity.

While it’s not as bad as some other states, it can still be uncomfortable in the summertime and especially during humid periods. You might also find yourself dealing with lots of allergens and bugs due to the high humidity levels. So, if you’re looking for a sunnier climate and lower costs of living, Arizona might be a good option for you. But if you’re looking for an area that’s more comfortable during the summer months or where bug bites aren’t so common, it might not be the best choice for you.

The drought

Arizona is one of the most popular states to move to due to its warm weather, and beautiful scenery. However, there are a few reasons why someone might not want to move to Arizona. One reason is that the state is going through a drought. This means that the water supply is running low and the water quality is decreasing. In addition, the cost of living in Arizona is high when compared to other states. Additionally, Arizona has had some problems with the Affordable Care Act, which could make it difficult for people to find affordable health care.

The crime rates

The Violent crime rate in Arizona increased by 8.6 % according to FBI statistics. There has been an increase in crime rates in Arizona over the past few years. Many people are concerned about this trend and wonder why it’s happening. One possible explanation is that the state’s economy is changing. More people are moving to Arizona, which may cause an increase in crime as they try to find jobs and housing. Additionally, there is a lack of social services in many parts of the state, which may lead to an increase in crime as people turn to criminal gangs for help.

The shortage of jobs

There are many reasons why there is a shortage of jobs in Arizona. The economy has been struggling for years, and the population has been growing faster than the number of jobs available. In addition, the cost of living in Arizona is high, which makes it difficult for businesses to keep their employees. There are also a lot of restrictions on business in Arizona, which makes it difficult for new businesses to get started. All of these factors have contributed to the shortage of jobs in Arizona.

No history or culture here

There are many reasons why you might not want to relocate here. The desert climate can be uncomfortably hot or cold during different times of the year, and the cost of living is high. The state also has a very little history or culture, which can make it difficult to find friends and make connections. Additionally, Arizona does not have much to offer in terms of recreational opportunities, so if you’re looking for things to do in your free time, this may not be the best place for you.

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There is literally nothing growing here

Arizona is one of the driest and most scorching states in the United States. You would have to be insane to move here. Not only is there nothing growing, but the weather is constantly baking and blistering. The air quality could also not be worse.

Arizona is still the wild west

Arizona is still the Wild West out here, and there are many reasons for this. One reason is that Arizona has a very long history of being a lawless state. This makes it difficult for law enforcement to enforce laws, which leaves the state open to crime. Additionally, Arizona is a large state with a lot of lands that are not densely populated. This means that it is easy for criminals to hide and get away with their crimes.

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Have the most boring landscapes.

Arizona is known for its harsh, arid landscapes. This can make driving in the state a challenging experience, especially for those unfamiliar with the area. The terrain can be steep, rocky, and dusty, which makes for difficult driving conditions. In addition, Arizona is home to many mountains and deserts, which can make it difficult to see the distances in front of you. All of these factors contribute to Arizona having some of the worst driving conditions in the United States.


If you’re considering a move to Arizona, take the time to research the state before making your decision. There are a lot of reasons why someone might not want to live in Arizona, and you must know what they are so that you can make an informed decision. If you decide against moving to Arizona, at least you’ll be armed with all of the information you need to make an educated decision instead of just going with your gut feeling.

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