8 Best shelling beaches in Texas (With Precious Souvenirs) 2024

In this article, we’ll explore the best shelling beaches in Texas. To start with, Texas is a great place to find beautiful beach shells! Whether you’re looking for something small and delicate or something big and bold, it’s easy to find your perfect shell at one of these best shelling beaches in Texas.

From East Galveston Island to South Padre Island, these beaches are known for their abundant and varied seashells. With so many options available along the Gulf Coast, there is sure to be a beach that has exactly what you need.

Best shelling beaches in Texas

1. Padre Island

Photo Credit: Padre Island Expeditions, LLC

Located on the southeastern coast of Texas, this barrier island is known as one of the world’s longest undeveloped barrier islands. With its serene surroundings and diverse marine life, visitors can take a peaceful walk along miles of the unspoiled beach while collecting sea shells.

The beach also hosts a variety of wildlife such as ospreys, pelicans, dolphins, and armadillos – making it an ideal spot to explore nature’s beauty.

The crystal-clear waters off Padre Island offer plenty of opportunities for finding beautiful shells. Whether your search yields a prized conch shell or tiny bivalve mollusks, you can be sure to find some lovely specimens here.

2. Mustang Island

Mustang Island is known for its expansive shoreline and endless natural beauty. It’s perfect for anyone looking to find unique seashells to add to their collection. The island’s soft white sand stretches along miles of beachfront and is filled with tons of different types of incredible shells.

From colorful coquinas, moon snails, angel wings, and more – you’ll be able to uncover some truly remarkable shells here! With so many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered, it’s no surprise why Mustang Island is a popular spot for shell collectors from all around the world.

3. Surfside Beach

Photo Credit: WikiVoyage

This beach is well known for its diverse range of shells that can be found during walks along the shore. Whether it’s collecting colorful seashells as a souvenir or searching for rare specimens, there’s something here to suit everyone.

Plus, with plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops nearby, Surfside Beach is the perfect spot to spend a day out with family and friends!

From scallops and clams to sea-beans and olive shells, Surfside Beach has an abundance of interesting finds. It’s not uncommon to stumble upon larger shells like cockles too! With the warm waters of the Gulf Coast lapping against its sandy shores, this coastal paradise provides ideal conditions for shellers – regardless of experience level.

4. Crystal Beach

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This stunning destination on the Bolivar Peninsula offers a variety of activities, from beachcombing and kayaking to fishing and swimming. But perhaps its most popular activity is shelling.

With its wide variety of shells from conchs and scallops to whelks, clams, sand dollars, and more, Crystal Beach is a must-visit destination for shell lovers.

The shoreline stretches far along Galveston Bay and provides plenty of room to explore. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced shell collector or just starting out, there’s something at Crystal Beach for everyone! Its shallow waters are home to many creatures that live in their own unique ecosystem amongst the vegetation.

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5. Matagorda Beach

Photo Credit: blogspot.com

Matagorda Beach is an undiscovered paradise, offering visitors the opportunity to uncover rare and beautiful shells. Whether you’re a shell enthusiast or just looking for an unforgettable experience, Matagorda Beach has something for everyone!

Famous for its vast variety of shells and incredible shoreline, Matagorda Beach is one of the best shelling beaches in Texas. From tiny periwinkles and colorful conchs to giant whelks and gleaming oysters, this beach offers a wealth of different species.

Not only can you find some truly unique shells but also treasures such as sea glass and coral fragments that are guaranteed to make your collecting experience even more exciting.

6. Port Aransas Beach

Photo Credit: YouTube

This stunning Gulf Coast destination is known for its vast selection of seashells and unique offerings. From conch shells to cowries, this beach has it all! Visitors will be treated to a wide variety of shells that can be found along the shore. Many are brightly colored and rare, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for some truly special finds.

And if you come across one that isn’t perfect or whole, don’t worry – they still make great souvenirs or decorations! You can also find sand dollars and various scraps of sea glass on your hunt.

7. Boca Chica Beach

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Located on the Gulf Coast, this stunning beach offers some of the best shelling opportunities in the state. With its warm waters and abundance of shells, it’s an ideal destination for a summer vacation.

From scallops to conchs, Boca Chica Beach has a wide variety of shells to find. You can also spot horseshoe crabs, sand dollars, and even mollusks here. Whether you are looking for something unique or just want to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, there’s something here for everyone.

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to visit during sunset time, you can watch as the sun reflects off all of those colorful shells scattered across the sand!

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8. San Jose Island

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Texas is home to some of the best shelling beaches in the United States. San Jose Island, located off the coast of South Padre Island, is a prime destination for anyone looking for an amazing shelling experience. Its pristine white sand beach and crystal-clear waters make it one of the most sought-after places in Texas for shell-seekers.

For those looking to find shells on San Jose Island, there are multiple spots along the shoreline where you will be able to come across plenty of treasures. From small mussels and clams that can be found at low tide to larger seashells like conchs and augers that can be seen washed up on shore, you have many options when it comes to finding something unique.

Not only do these shells provide great souvenirs from your trip but they also serve as excellent decor pieces or craft materials.


In conclusion, Texas’ beautiful beaches are perfect places for a wonderful shelling experience. There’s an abundance of stunning shells that can be found in the sand. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach or a chance to find some unique shells, these Texas beaches offer it all! So why not take a trip and explore the best shelling beaches in Texas? You never know what you’ll find!

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