4 Worst things about living in North Carolina (2024)

Welcome to our website! This article discusses the worst things about living in North Carolina! It also discusses the pros of living in NC State as well as the things North Carolina is known and famous for. Stay put and read it through!

Worst Things About Living In North Carolina

To start with, North Carolina is a state that has an incredible, long and proud history. From the first settlers in 1653 to the modern-day culture today, North Carolina has always been a place full of vibrancy and diversity.

The state’s rich cultural heritage can be traced back to Native American tribes who were the original inhabitants of the area before European settlers arrived. Early colonists then established settlements in what is now known as Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte.

North Carolina History and Facts
North Carolina History and Facts (Creator: Slide Player)

Throughout the years, North Carolina was occupied by both Confederate and Union forces during the Civil War – making it one of only two Border States to experience military action during that time! Later on, it became a hub for African Americans seeking freedom after they were freed from slavery in 1865.

Living in North Carolina has its ups and downs, just like everywhere else. It’s an interesting state that has a lot to offer – beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality.

But as with any place, there are some things that can be less than ideal. This article will later look at the good and worst things about living in North Carolina, so you can make an informed decision about your future home.

Things North Carolina is known and famous for

1. Natural Wonders

Natural & Scenic Attractions in North Carolina
Natural & Scenic Attractions in North Carolina (Creator: Visit North Carolina)

North Carolina is known for its natural wonders, making it an exciting destination for nature lovers. From the Outer Banks to Mount Mitchell and the Appalachian Mountains, there’s something incredible to explore in every corner of the state.

Visitors can take a breathtaking drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and experience sweeping views of lush forests, rolling hills, and mountains that stretch for miles. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy as well, such as kayaking or fishing in one of North Carolina’s many lakes.

Myrtle Beach in North Carolina
Myrtle Beach in North Carolina (Creator: Coral Beach Resort)

In addition to its stunning scenery, North Carolina also offers some of the best beaches on the east coast – from picturesque Corolla Beach to bustling Myrtle Beach – perfect for sunbathing or just taking a leisurely stroll after dinner.

2. Historical Landmarks

Metalmorphosis in the Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte
Metalmorphosis in the Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte (Landmark)

North Carolina is a state rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, and it’s no surprise that it has plenty of historical landmarks to explore. Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for something unique to do on your next vacation, there’s no shortage of places to explore in North Carolina.

From the Wright Brothers National Memorial to the historic sites scattered across Appalachia, North Carolina offers some of the most fascinating glimpses into America’s past.

3. Top-Notch Universities

University of North Carolina
University of North Carolina (Creator: USNews.com)

NC State is known for its esteemed institutions, ranging from world-renowned research universities to small liberal arts colleges. It’s no wonder that North Carolina has become a renowned leader in higher education! North Carolina is home to two of the nation’s most selective and respected universities: Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Duke University in North Carolina
Duke University in North Carolina (By Duke Today)

Both universities boast highly-ranked programs in fields such as business, law, medicine, technology, and engineering. Duke also offers an impressive range of graduate programs for students looking to pursue specialized degrees in areas like nursing, public policy, or economics.

In addition to these two powerhouse universities, there are plenty of other excellent academic institutions across the state featuring rigorous curricula with an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and research opportunities.

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Good things about living in North Carolina

1. Lower cost of living

Living in North Carolina is a great decision for anyone looking to experience the beauty of the south while also saving money. The cost of living in North Carolina is lower than in most other states, making it an attractive option for those seeking to save some cash.

From housing and groceries to gas and entertainment, North Carolina offers its residents affordable prices that are difficult to find anywhere else.

2. Diversity of people

One of the biggest pros of living in North Carolina is the diversity of people that you can find here, with residents coming from all over the country and around the world. This diversity leads to interesting conversations, stimulating cultural experiences, and delicious cuisine!

From festivals celebrating different cultures throughout the year, to churches with congregations from many nations, it’s easy to get out into the community and learn about different ways of life in North Carolina.

Life in this beautiful state doesn’t have to be boring either – there are plenty of recreational activities available that will keep you entertained all year round!

3. Great sense of community

The people who live in this state are passionate about making it feel like home. Whether you’re meeting up with friends or just grabbing dinner with your family, you can expect friendly faces everywhere.

There is a great sense of community that comes from living here; it’s an amazing feeling knowing that everyone looks out for each other.

In addition to its great people, North Carolina offers something for everyone no matter what their interests are.

Worst things about living in North Carolina

1. Limited Public Transit

In most cities in North Carolina, public transportation systems are limited and often unreliable. There may not be enough buses or trains available for commuters who need to get around quickly and efficiently during rush hour traffic.

Additionally, some areas may not have any public transit at all! While there are other ways to get around such as ride-sharing services or carpooling with friends and neighbors, these methods can be costly or impractical if you rely on them daily for transportation.

2. Unpredictable weather

One of the biggest cons of living in North Carolina is its unpredictable weather. Temperatures can range from hot to cold throughout the year and storms can occur at any time without warning. This makes planning day trips or outdoor activities difficult and can make vacationing more expensive due to changing travel plans due to weather conditions.

Additionally, extreme temperatures during summer months may lead to increased air conditioning costs as well as health risks like dehydration or heat stroke. Those living in certain areas might also find themselves dealing with hurricanes which bring with them flooding, power outages, and other serious safety concerns.

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3. The high crime rate in some areas

One of the primary drawbacks is the high crime rate in some areas; depending on where you choose to reside, it’s possible that you could be exposed to higher levels of criminal activity than in other states.

Robbery, theft, assault, and burglary are all crimes that are more common in certain cities and towns throughout North Carolina. For example, Charlotte is known for its high crime rates when compared to other major cities such as Raleigh or Winston-Salem.

So, if you’re looking for a place to live with a low risk of criminal activity, North Carolina might not be your best option.

However, this doesn’t mean that every city in North Carolina has a high crime rate.

4. High tax burden

Another major downside is the high tax burden you’ll need to bear if you decide to make the Tar Heel State your home. With a 4.75 percent state sales tax rate and a max local sales tax rate of 2.75 percent, North Carolina’s taxes are among the highest in the country.

Even more, many counties and cities tack on additional fees that can increase your average combined sale tax rate even further! This means that living in North Carolina could cost you more than other states – so much so that you may want to consider whether or not it’s worth it before settling down here!

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In conclusion, although there are a few downsides to living in North Carolina, the pros outweigh the cons. North Carolina has an abundance of activities and attractions that make it a great place to live and visit.

The diverse culture and people also provide a unique experience. The food is delicious and you won’t want for anything else! Overall, living in North Carolina offers something for everyone – from outdoor enthusiasts to those who prefer an urban lifestyle.