4 worst things about living in Philadelphia (2024)

Hello and welcome to our website! This blog post discusses the best and worst things about living in Philadelphia, also nicknamed “The City of Brotherly & Sisterly Love!”

The article starts with a brief introduction of Philadelphia and delves into analyzing the best and worst things of living in Philadelphia. It later progresses and discusses the famous things Philly is known for. Relax and read it through!

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Worst things about living in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a culturally rich and diverse city that offers a wide range of experiences for residents and visitors alike. From its thriving food scene to its historic landmarks, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call the City of Brotherly Love home.

The City of Philadelphia
The City of Philadelphia (Image Credit: PHLCVB)

When William Penn founded the city that would become known as “the birthplace of America” in 1682, he could never have imagined how vibrant it would become. It was here that some of the most important documents in America’s history were written and signed – from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution itself!

The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1887
The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787

The Liberty Bell was also famously rung from within Philadelphia’s walls. This city on the Delaware River is still brimming with historical sites and monuments today – making it a great destination for anyone interested in exploring our nation’s past!

However, before making the move to Philly, consider reading the below pros and cons to see if it’s a good choice for you.

Worst things about living in Philadelphia

(a) High crime rates

Philadelphia’s crime rate is higher than the national average; this means that residents of the city are more likely to experience property crimes or violent offenses than those living outside of it. Property crime is especially prominent in Philadelphia; theft, vandalism, and burglary are all common here.

Furthermore, according to recent statistics, there were nearly twice as many violent offenses reported in 2021 as there were in 2020. This means that Philadelphians need to be extra vigilant when it comes to their personal safety and security.

(b) Inconsistent weather

With the city’s location on the East Coast, it can often be subject to all four seasons within a single day! During the summer months, temperatures regularly climb above 90 degrees Fahrenheit with intense humidity and heat waves, while winters tend to be bitterly cold with plenty of snow and icy rain.

In addition to these erratic climate shifts, storms can sometimes wreak havoc on everyday life in Philadelphia. The combination of high winds and relentless rainfall can lead to dangerous conditions throughout the city. Strong thunderstorms may also cause power outages or damage homes and businesses due to flooding or downed trees. This makes it important for residents to stay aware of forecasts and take appropriate safety measures when necessary.

(c) Difficult parking situation

The cost of parking alone can be outrageous – especially downtown where meter costs are high and garages often require monthly payments. Not to mention, finding a spot itself can be close to impossible at times due to limited availability and competition from other drivers who may also be searching for a place to park.

To make matters worse, there are winter months when snow plows make streets even narrower and reduce the amount of available parking spots even further!

(d) Poor air quality

One of the biggest issues is the poor air quality in Philadelphia. With a population of over 1.5 million people and located in an industrialized part of the country, living here means dealing with unhealthy levels of air pollution on a fairly regular basis.

The high concentration of pollutants from vehicles and industry put residents at risk for respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis, as well as other health problems stemming from prolonged exposure to these toxins.

Best things about living in Philadelphia

(a) Accessible public transportation

One of the biggest pros of living in Philadelphia is the accessible public transportation. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) provides bus, trolley, and subway service throughout the city. Riders can purchase Connect Passes for unlimited rides on all SEPTA services, making transportation easy and affordable.

(b) Friendly neighborhoods

Residents of Philadelphia can experience the best of both worlds – a bustling metropolis with plenty of attractions, activities, and employment opportunities combined with neighborly charm.

The city’s many districts offer unique cultural experiences that make it easy to find a neighborhood where you feel at home. From the historic streets of Old City to art-filled Fishtown and lively Northern Liberties, Philadelphia’s friendly neighborhoods have something for everyone!

(c) Education opportunities

The city of Philadelphia is home to a vast number of higher education institutions. From small liberal arts colleges like La Salle University to large research universities like Temple and the University of Pennsylvania, there’s something for everyone.

For aspiring students looking to gain valuable experience in their chosen fields, there are also plenty of internship programs that can provide invaluable real-world training. No matter what kind of educational path you’re interested in pursuing, Philadelphia has an institution ready and waiting for students from all walks of life!

(d) Accessibility to major cities

Being located close to major cities such as New York City and Washington D.C., residents are able to take advantage of these close-by locations with ease and convenience. Whether someone wants a weekend getaway or just a day trip for shopping, both cities are easily accessible through public transportation systems or even car rides.

Being able to explore some of the country’s largest cities from your own home base can be an incredible perk that adds excitement and variation into everyday life!

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Things Philadelphia is known and famous for

(a) Historic Landmarks

Philadelphia Independence Hall | A Famous Landmark
Philadelphia Independence Hall | A Famous Landmark (By: Visit Philadelphia)

Philadelphia is a historic city full of amazing landmarks! From the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall, Philadelphia has plenty to offer for locals and visitors alike. The City of Brotherly Love is home to some of the most iconic symbols of American history. Historic landmarks like these have become synonymous with Philadelphia and its culture.

(b) Cheesesteaks & Other Cuisine

Philadelphia Cheesesteaks
Philadelphia Cheesesteaks (Image Credit: Honest Food Talks)

Philadelphia is a city that has something to offer everyone, and its unique cuisine is no exception. For those who are passionate about food, Philadelphia is a great place to experience all kinds of delicious treats!

Most notably, the city is known for its famous cheesesteaks. Made with thin-sliced ribeye steak and melted cheese on a long hoagie roll, this delectable sandwich has been an iconic symbol of the region since it was first served in 1930.

In addition to their beloved cheesesteaks, Philadelphians also enjoy other classic dishes from within the region. Amongst these are pretzels; there’s nothing like biting into one of these soft doughy treats fresh out of the oven!

The Popular Philly Pretzels
The Popular Philly Pretzels

Philly’s world-famous roast pork sandwiches—tender pulled pork topped with sharp provolone cheese and broccoli rabe—are another local favorite.

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(c) Arts & Culture Scene

Philly Arts & Culture Scene
Philly Arts & Culture Scene (Image Credit: PHLCVB)

Philly city is home to numerous internationally renowned museums and galleries such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which houses one of the most extensive art collections in the country, or The Barnes Foundation which displays works from some of the most acclaimed artists in history.

Visitors can also explore Philadelphia’s many outdoor attractions like Fairmount Park or take part in one of its plentiful cultural events such as Fringe Arts Philly or the monthly First Friday celebration.

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In conclusion, living in Philadelphia offers many great opportunities and experiences. From the diverse neighborhoods to the endless attractions, you can find something for everyone no matter what your interests are. The unique cultural history provides a unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.

Despite some of the drawbacks of living in Philadelphia such as the higher crime rate and traffic congestion, overall, it is a great city to call home. If you’re looking for an exciting, historical city with plenty of cultures, Philadelphia is definitely worth considering!